Lenten Devotional: 3/18/2020

Hey folks-

I put together a short devotional for this evening for you to gather around or to practice on your own. There are two components: a short written “liturgy” plus a video meditation on Psalm 46.  I encourage you to use these resources in however you see fit.  However, if you would like some guidance, I recommend the following:

1.  Begin with 3-5 minutes of meditation/centering prayer.  Intentionally focus on your breathing and let yourself rest.

2.  Read/say/share the evening liturgy.  If you are gathered with your family, you can take turns saying the leader/congregational parts of the liturgy.

3.  Read Psalm 46.

4.  Watch the video.

5.  Take another couple minutes for additional prayer and reflection.  Close with the Lord’s Prayer.

Like I said before, I’d love feedback on this: what you found valuable, what you would like to see in further devotionals, etc.  The links for the video and the document are below.