Reconciling in Christ Congregation

After a three year discernment process, and much prayer and listening, we are pleased and proud to announce that Milwaukie Lutheran Church has voted to become a Reconciling in Christ congregation. This, however, is not the end of our journey in becoming a more welcoming and inclusive congregation, but just the beginning. We wholeheartedly commit to the work of seeking to continuously understand how God is calling us to open our hearts and minds to the ever-reforming world around us. Below is our newly adopted welcoming statement:

Milwaukie Lutheran Church welcomes all, as God welcomes all. Each one of us is a beloved child of God: unique, valued, and accepted. We welcome you, regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, relationship status, or any of the factors that so often divide us. We welcome you, whatever your past, present, or future circumstances, wherever you are in your journey of faith. We accept you as you are and invite you to participate fully in the life of our community. We celebrate diversity and find our unity in Christ’s love and grace.