Sunday Morning Worship 3/29/2020

MLC Community-

Good morning and a blessed Sunday to all y’all.  Here is your third week in a row of Sunday morning worship resources in virtual form.  The format is a little prettier this week (thanks Stephanie!), and there is a small error in the video.  So, I may or may not have turned my camera off 1/2 way through the conversation thinking it would still show up in the recording… and it did not.  Anyhow, you get to look at Stori for the final 10 minutes instead of having to look at me, so voila.

Additionally, we ask that you please add Joe and DD Watson to your prayers.  Joe went into the hospital Wednesday morning, and was diagnosed with COVID-19 Friday evening.  Joe is at OHSU, and DD is self-quarantining at home.  This being MLC’s first case of the virus, I have to say that it really rocked me.  I had hoped that this would never touch anyone at MLC or anyone that I knew, and having this news makes it real in a whole new way.  

As for Joe and DD: obviously, keep them in your prayers.  At this time, please don’t try and get a hold of Joe.  Let him keep his breath for fighting the disease.  He is on oxygen as a precautionary, making sure that his blood-oxygen level stays high.  DD is doing as well as she can.  She has folks bringing food and is well taken care of.  Feel free to send her a card or a note, however.  She could use the human connection.

Blessings to all of you.  Hold fast, and look for the presence of God all around you.

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A YouTube Playlist of this week’s hymns
Conversation on Ezekiel 37:1-14 (Stori Long and Pastor Jesse)

Pastor Jesse