Sunday Morning Worship – 3/22/2020

MLC Community-

Good morning and a blessed Sunday to all y’all.  Here is your second week in a row of Sunday morning worship resources in virtual form.  Sorry that it’s coming out a little late this morning (at least for the 8:30 service folks).  Hélène and I were up late last night cleaning our old apartment, so I (*gasp*) slept in this morning! 

Anyhow, we’ve fleshed things out a little more this week, adding in some music resources as well as prayers/readings to go along with a conversation on 1 Samuel and Psalm 23.  It isn’t exactly the same thing as worshiping in person, but I hope that it is something that you will use and find worshipful in its own way.

The “bulletin”
A YouTube Playlist of this week’s hymns
A History of Hymn #334 (couldn’t be on the playlist due to technical mumbo-jumbo)
Conversation on 1 Samuel and Psalm 23 (Pastor Sara and Pastor Jesse)

Pastor Jesse