Ways you can help

Hey folks-

I’ve had a lot of people ask me in the past couple days if there are ways that you they can help with anything during the COVID shutdown. I am happy to tell you that, yes, there are! See below:

Firstly, the Wichita Center is in dire need of food. As families are shut in, parents are laid off, and bills start to accumulate, there will be more and more people needing the center’s resources. We have partnered with Oak Grove UMC and Storyline (and others on the way) to streamline donations to the Wichita Center. Through Storyline’s web page, you can donate cash, and we will send a dedicated “buyer” out so that we’re not clogging the aisles at the grocery stores. You can help without leaving your home!


Secondly, Oak Grove UMC, Storyline, and MLC are partnering in our overall response. Leaders from each community are contributing submissions regarding both the pandemic, and how our communities of faith are responding.


We will continue to keep you updated as things happen and as we develop more resources. Stay tuned!